Facial Rejuvenation

Our face is the first thing that we present to the world and it offers a window into our health, confidence and general well-being. Unfortunately, over time, age, genetics, environmental factors and lifestyle can take a toll on our faces and appearance. Sometimes we just want to improve upon a facial feature that we feel doesn’t reflect a true vision of ourselves. Facial rejuvenation procedures performed by Dr. Sanjay Grover can help to restore patients to their youthful visage and improve upon existing facial features needing correction or improvement.

Breast Procedures

Women undergo breast procedures for a myriad of reasons.  Better fitting clothes, a more appealing silhouette, restored volume for breasts that have lost their shape due to weight gain, loss or nursing, or post-surgical restoration are all potential reasons for seeking breast beautification. Amongst the most popular aesthetic procedures, breast surgeries are performed on thousands of women each year with pleasing outcomes. Dr. Sanjay Grover and his professional team ensure that patients receive both outstanding patient care and exquisite surgical results.

Body Contouring

At times, even when we implement a healthy diet and consistent exercise routines, the combination can be relatively ineffective at treating certain locations on the body, adequately reversing the unwanted effects of childbirth on female bodies and/or tightening loose and/or sagging skin resulting from significant weight loss. At The Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, we believe that while all of our patients should undertake their best efforts to maintain a healthy and clean lifestyle, those that desire more sleek and/or shapely physique can benefit from surgical body contouring procedures.

Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures assist patients in achieving a smoother, more youthful and/or thinner appearance without undergoing the cost or downtime involved with surgery. These procedures are becoming increasing popular and offer treatments that refine and tighten skin, fill, smooth and soften wrinkles and lines on the face and body, enhance lips, eradicate unwanted body hair, reduce body fat, contour bulges and so much more. The MedSpa at The Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is a state-of-the-art facility offering the newest and most effective technology and injectable cosmetic medicine available today.

For Gentlemen

While both men and women undergo aesthetic procedures, the cosmetic goals are often different. At The Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dr. Sanjay Grover and his professional team understand a man’s desire to maintain his youthful masculinity. Our practice offers a full spectrum of procedures and treatments designed to assist men with aesthetic enhancement while maintaining their strength and manly appearance.

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