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Women choose to have their breasts augmented for a variety of reasons. Better fitting clothes, a sexier silhouette, restored volume for breasts that have lost their shape due to weight gain or nursing, or simply increased self-confidence are all potential results of breast augmentation. With Dr. Grover and his caring and professional staff, patients can be certain they will receive both outstanding patient care and exquisite surgical results.

Options and Advances in Breast Enhancement

Silicone breast implants have made a tremendous comeback following a voluntary withdrawal or moratorium in 1992 following much controversy. The US Food and Drug Administration gave approval of silicone gel breast implants in November 2006. According to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s Annual Statistics recently released for 2012, breast augmentation has once again taken over the top position of cosmetic surgery procedures performed. Over three hundred thousand breast enhancement procedures were performed last year. Of those three hundred thousand procedures, 72% were performed with silicone breast implants and 28% were performed using saline breast implants. According to Dr. Grover, over 95% of his patients that undergo breast enhancement procedures utilize silicone implants due to the more natural feel and appearance compared with saline implants which can feel like a bag of water depending on the amount of breast tissue coverage a woman may have. Several profile options (low, moderate, high and extra high) have been available depending on the person’s pre enhancement build and desired result.

As of March 2012, women have more options in breast implants to help them achieve a more natural result with the approval of the 5th Generation form-stable (gummy bear), shaped silicone breast implants by Sientra and the February 2013 approval of Allergan’s 410 cohesive gel shaped implant. These implants are designed to keep its form longer, no matter how a person may be positioned. They are tailored in a more tear-drop shape with more projection or fullness in the lower part of the breast and tapering off towards the upper part of the breast. It is generally felt that these implants help shape one’s breast as opposed to a round, non gummy bear implant which is more dependent on a patients pre-existing shape. These implants are slightly firmer than those previously on the market and do not migrate as easily if one were to rupture with time. Additionally, lower rates of capsular contractures, a tightening of scar tissue around the breast implant, have been reported with these cohesive devices.

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These newer shaped devices will not be suited for everyone seeking breast enhancement, but may be better suited to the person who has very little breast tissue and desires a very natural outcome. These implants not only come in different sizes by volume, they also come in different heights and different projections. These shaped implants will likely be more utilized for breast reconstruction following a mastectomy for breast cancer than for aesthetic uses.
One potential drawback for some patients is that an incision under the breast will likely be used to insert these firmer implants as opposed to an incision by the areola with the older 4th generation implants.

Different options exist in positioning an implant for breast augmentation. Implants can be positioned above the muscle, entirely below the muscle or partially under the muscle (dual-plane position). According to Dr. Grover, a board member of the largest organization of plastic surgeons dedicated to cosmetic surgery, he prefers to utilize the dual-plane position as it helps him achieve a more natural breast silhouette compared with the other options. Gentler techniques used more commonly today help alleviate the need for drains or tight wrapping following surgery. Patients leave the operating room in a soft sports bra and can usually expect to have no bruising.

For those women seeking a small breast enhancement without utilizing a foreign breast implant, fat grafting from one’s own body may be an option. Although less reliable with regards to duration, this option is being used more commonly as an additional procedure with breast implants during breast reconstruction for breast cancer. Fat is harvested from one’s own body utilizing liposuction techniques, processed and then reinserted in areas where enhancement is desired. Potential issues may exist with mammography screening; however, further studies are currently in progress.

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The Procedure

At our Newport Beach and Beverly Hills offices, Dr. Grover begins with a consultation to define the best breast augmentation procedure for each unique patient. Implant type (saline or silicone), implant profile (high or low), and incision type are all topics that will be decided during your consultation. Dr. Grover makes it a priority to have an in-depth discussion with each patient to discern the right treatment modality.

Implant type – Dr. Grover offers both Saline and Silicone implants to his patients at the Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Saline implants contain sterile salt water while Silicone contains elastic gel. Silicone is the more popular choice due to the natural feel, and the FDA approval for safety, although Saline implants can achieve beautiful results as well.

Implant Profile – There are two profiles that may be used for breast augmentation, low and high. A low profile implant will be wider and flatter, while a high profile implant will be rounded and more defined. Dr. Grover prefers a high profile implant due to his belief that they create a more aesthetic outcome.

Incision type – There are three types of incisions that may be used when performing a breast augmentation: Inframmamry (or below the breast), Transaxillary (through the armpit), and Periareolar (also called the lollipop incision under the nipple). Dr. Grover is comfortable with and actively performs all three approaches and the decision about which to use depends on the implant size and the unique anatomy of each patient.

Dr. Grover specializes in breast augmentation and delivers superior results for his patients. He takes the time- meticulously choosing the correct implant and executing flawless surgical procedure. He also utilizes bloodless technique (to reduce inflammation), fine suturing (to reduce scarring), and multiple layer closure (to speed healing and reduce scarring).

After Care

At the Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dr. Grover sees all his patients for their follow up appointments to evaluate their progress and monitor the healing process. One of the benefits of electing surgery with Dr. Grover is early mobility- no drains are utilized for this procedure. At our Newport Beach and Beverly Hills offices, we recommend a sports bra for about three weeks to offer post operative support. Gentle massage of the breast is recommended after about a week with light exercise resumed at this time as well. Dr. Grover recommends any heavy activity be resumed at 6-8 weeks post surgery. For more information on a breast augmentation or related procedure contact our offices to schedule a consultation.

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